Eight months

I’m making a promise to myself to set down the stupid Candy Crush game when E is sleeping and actually do some damn blogging.

Speaking of the word “damn,” E is starting to try forming real words, so I’ve also made a promise to myself to quit swearing in her presence.  I told my coworkers to expect me to cuss a lot more at work from now on because it’s my designated swearing time.  In all seriousness, E’s favorite word right now is “gaga” and B is convinced she’s saying “dada.”  So naturally I’m on a mission to get her to say “mama” first.  I read somewhere once that more babies say “dada” first because it’s easier for them to make the D sound than the M sound, but…B and I are very competitive.


E turned eight months old this week.  She’s crawling now and it’s still 75% an army crawl but she’s starting to figure out she can get around on her hands and knees.  Even army crawling she’s too fast for me sometimes.  I can’t leave her in a room unattended for more than ten seconds at a time now.  I’ve found myself feeling grateful for her exersaucer because it’s the one and only place I can put her down when I’m trying to get all of our stuff ready to head out the door in the morning.

E has always been really easygoing with new people, but in the past few weeks stranger anxiety has kicked in.  It used to be that E would always light up when she met someone new but now she stares at them skeptically, frowns, and then turns to me and starts to cry.  It’s so out of character for her that it’s been a strange adjustment for me, but I know it’s just her age and that eventually it will pass.  In the meantime, I’ve started warning new people that they might make her cry and it’s nothing personal.

It’s been three months since E’s first two teeth came in on the bottom, and the top two have finally broken through her gums.  The process has been long, painful, and full of sleepless nights.  Oof.

The best news of all is that E’s eczema is almost nonexistent these days!  We switched from breastmilk to hypoallergenic formula almost two months ago, and for the past month E has not had any eczema issues.  I feel certain that the daily peanut butter I’d been eating hadn’t had time to filter out of my system when I was still pumping.  I’m so glad we had the allergy testing done!

Lastly, I’m happy to report that E is finally growing some hair!  It took seven months but I no longer have a 90% bald baby girl.  HA!


Baby’s first road trip

E turned seven months old on Friday, and on Saturday we embarked on our first road trip as a family.  We traveled seven hours to see my extended family in Montana.  Over the course of four days, E only had one meltdown, and it was because her grandma put her in the car seat all wonky and none of us realized it until we got her out mid-meltdown.  So proud of my good little traveler!

Before we left, I fretted for days over what to pack for E.  I remarked to B that I felt like we had to fit our entire house into a suitcase.  In the end, I feel I did a pretty damn good job of packing for a seven-month-old with no experience, so I thought I’d share here what we brought, what we forgot, and what we could have left home.


Okay, luckily I did remember to bring the baby.

Trip details:  We stayed at my grandpa’s house (so full amenities) in a Montana town where the temperature ranged from low 30s (F) to low 40s.

What I packed:

  • Ten onesies (3 long-sleeved, 7 short-sleeved)
  • Seven pairs of pants
  • Two pajamas
  • Two sleep sacks
  • Two jackets (one light and one heavy)
  • Several pairs of socks (didn’t count, just tossed a handful in the suitcase)
  • Three hats of different styles
  • Three bottles
  • One 19.8-oz can of formula
  • Three pacifiers
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Five or so toys
  • Three bibs
  • Four burp cloths
  • Two towels
  • Three face cloths
  • Eczema-friendly baby soap
  • Creams and lotions for eczema breakouts
  • Tylenol and ibuprofen
  • Various “medicine cabinet” items:  snot sucker, thermometer, nail clippers, etc.
  • Boogie wipes and tissues
  • Two blankets (one light and one heavy)
  • Travel booster seat
  • Travel crib (with changing table)
  • Two spoons and baby food
  • Sound machine
  • Monitor
  • Bouncy seat

Things I didn’t pack but definitely will the next time around:

  • A couple of books (luckily, grandma had packed one)
  • More toys!  E got super bored with the same five toys and was SO happy to be back in her bedroom with her toy box when we got home
  • An extra sheet for the crib
  • A few more bibs

The only thing we packed and didn’t end up using was the bouncy seat.  We’ll definitely leave it at home next time because it took up a lot of room in the car.  We also only used about six of the onesies we packed, and a few pairs of the pants–but I would still pack the same amount next time because you never know how many you’ll go through in a day!

We did have the luxury of being five minutes away from a Walmart in the event we forgot anything significant, but I’m pretty proud of how well we did for our first trip with E!

Six months?!?!

Baby E is six months old today.


I’ll spare you all the stereotypical “it’s gone by so fast” talk.  Though in all actuality, I’ve had hour-long meetings at work that have felt longer than these past six months.  I’m having a hard time fathoming the fact that so much time has passed already.

So what is my little six month old up to these days?  She:

  • Laughs hysterically at anything and everything, from the dog barking to paper ripping to someone blowing on her face.
  • Is able to scoot herself around the room…backwards only, I might add.
  • Has learned how to pet the cats (“pet” meaning “grab their skin and pull”), and luckily our cats love the attention regardless.


  • Is eating a little bit of solids daily.  So far she’s had bananas, sweet potato, squash, applesauce, carrots, green beans, peaches, peas, and her most favorite of all–avocado.  I’ve also held a grape up to her mouth for her to nibble on with her two sharp little chompers.
  • Sits up on her own “tripod” style for several minutes at a time.  But if we try to sit her up unsupported, she immediately face plants into the floor.
  • Has taken a sudden interest in water bottles.  Whether it’s my Camelbak, a Powerade bottle, or a soda bottle, she likes to hold on to them and try to drink from them.  I’m tempted to try a sippy cup with her but also a little afraid.
  • FINALLY loves the ergo carrier!  [Insert happy dance here.]  Once we started facing her outward, she decided it wasn’t so bad after all!
  • Has become a terribly distracted eater.  Even on the emptiest of stomachs, she’ll take three times as long to drink a bottle because she wants to babble at you and look around the room.
  • Is trying out new consonants in her babbling.  They mostly come out sounding like fart noises, but she’s making a good effort.
  • HATES being on her back.  Now that she can move around a little on her tummy, and somewhat sit up and look around the room, she refuses to stay on her back for longer than a few seconds.
  • Still isn’t a very good sleeper.  I’m not giving up hope.

Tonight we took E to B’s company picnic and we sat with a couple and their daughter who is two weeks shy of her first birthday.  I told B I can’t even imagine E being that size, and walking around, and saying real words, and he simply said, “But she will be…and it will be sooner than you think.”

Holyshitholyshitholyshit time speeds up when you have a baby!

My daughter is a tease

Five months old, and already a little tease.

Saturday morning, B and I were floored because E had slept until 4:30 before waking.  This was record-breaking for my little non-sleeper.  The difference had been that she’d slept on her tummy for the first time.  When she woke, she was upside down–her head was where her feet had been when the night began–but it was her best night’s sleep to date and she was in a phenomenally good mood on Saturday.

I just knew it was a fluke.  There was no way this would ever happen again.

But Saturday night, E slept all the way through until 5:00 on Sunday morning.  This time, she slept through while on her back.  What the what?  I did a happy little jig and thought, This is it!  She’s finally going to start sleeping through the night!

Alas, it all fell apart on Sunday night.  I tried to blame the fireworks.  (Seriously, has the fourth of July become a week-long celebration?)  Sunday night was awful, and Monday was (understandably) worse.  I kept holding out hope, though, that once the night wasn’t filled with booms and crackles, E would pick up where she’d left off on Saturday night.

No such luck.  In fact, I think the little stinker is making up for the two good nights by having a series of really, REALLY bad nights.

Last night her mouth was like Niagara Falls (SO. MUCH. DROOL.) so I’m kind of clinging to the hope that maybe she’s cutting another tooth and that this will only last a few days.

Or maybe we should just buy these and embrace the ugly truth that this is a chronic sleepless household.



One year since the “big news”

A year ago today, it was a Saturday morning and I was up at 6 a.m. peeing on sticks in the bathroom while my husband slept soundly on the other side of the door.  The day before, I’d taken two pregnancy tests.  The first one was positive–just ever so faintly–and the second one I couldn’t see squat.  After trying for almost a year to get pregnant, I was certain the first positive test was a fluke.  But that Saturday morning, I took two more tests for a grand total of four little lines.

I packed the dog into the car at 6:50 a.m. and we drove to the nearest store that opened at 7.  I was the first customer inside and I left with the most expensive early-response pregnancy test I could find.  By 7:15 I had confirmed that first test was no fluke.  I was pregnant!

Every moment since then has been a whirlwind.  Just before I was six weeks along I was driving to my grandma’s funeral in Montana when a nurse called to tell me I was going to miscarry.  As I drove at 80 miles per hour, the nurse explained what the miscarriage was going to look and feel like.  It was Father’s Day weekend and in my bag was a card for my father in which I revealed he was going to be a grandpa–something he’d always wanted, especially after he became terminally ill and didn’t know how much longer he’d have.  Instead of giving him the card, I tearfully told my parents about the pregnancy by telling them it wasn’t going to last.


19-week ultrasound: it’s a girl!

Yet here we are, a year later, and that miscarriage never happened.  Although I often worried that it would eventually happen, my pregnancy was easy and uneventful.  Now I have the sweetest, happiest, most vocal little baby I’ve ever met.  (Noooo, I’m not biased…)  That first night after learning I’d finally gotten pregnant, all I could think was, “Holy shit, my life will NEVER be the same again.”  It definitely hasn’t been.  But I can’t even remember what my life was like without E.  She’s been my entire world for the past year, and I know she will continue to be for every year for the rest of my life.


My life will never be the same.  It will be more amazing than I ever thought possible.

Reasons my baby wakes at night

Things that could be keeping my baby awake at night:

She’s hungry.
She needs a clean diaper.
She’s overtired.
She’s not tired enough.
She’s hot.
She’s cold.
It’s too light in the room.
It’s too dark in the room.
Her diaper is too loose.
Her diaper is too tight.
It’s too loud.
It’s too quiet.
She has an itch.
Her pacifier fell out.
The temperature changed 0.0000000001 degrees and she sensed it.
I’m breathing and it’s bothering her.
Someone turned the TV volume up seven houses down.
She had a bad dream about aliens taking over the earth.
She can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to be a cat.
Her pacifier fell out.  Again.
She’s really excited about Christmas being only six months away.
She can’t remember if she remembered to lock the front door.
She forgot to take her Ambien before bed.
She did her cardio too close to bedtime.


But really, the real reason she wakes up at night is probably because she’s a baby.

This post brought to you by the annoyed mother who’s sick of hearing what she could possibly be doing differently to get her baby to sleep through the night.