New Things Aplenty

It’s been a week of new things around here.

First, reusable pouches:  Why didn’t I start doing this months ago??!!?!?  They’re awesome.  AWESOME.  I started out simple because I didn’t know how it was going to go.  I made an apple-carrot puree that took about ten minutes and cost, I’m guessing, a whole dollar.  It filled up enough pouches for the entire week and E loves them just the same as the pouches I was buying from the store.  I’m doing a jig, I’m so pleased.  This weekend I’ll probably get a bit more ambitious with my fruit and veg combos now that I know it went over well.



Second, Ripple milk.  We’ve only just embarked on this experiment so I can’t give a thorough update.  I can tell you I gave E a sip last night and she didn’t make a face OR spit it out.  I gave her another sip this evening and she actually signed and said “more” and took two more big sips.  That’s a better reaction than any other sub milk I’ve given her.  This morning I mixed one ounce into her bottle of formula and we had no issues.  I’m feeling optimistic about this one, guys.  Did I finally find THE milk????

Third, cookies.  Remember my last update where I was griping about how much my child hates sweets?  Yeah, scratch that.  She discovered *mini* Oreos (and Golden Oreos) and something about tiny cookies makes her go bananas.  She’s a fiend.  And I love it.  I want to feed her cookies three meals a day just because I’m so thrilled about it.

Fourth, geese and squirrels.  We went to the park last night and the squirrels were running amok and E laughed hysterically over them.  We also encountered a goose, which made E squeal with delight while I stood behind her praying to the goose gods that sucker didn’t lash out and attack us.

Geese are mean.  Cute, but mean.

Before I close up to do my yoga for the night, let’s talk about underwear for a minute.  My underwear.  E thinks it’s pretty fun to get into my clothes hamper and carry my underwear all around the house.  And she leaves them in random places, like in the doorway to the laundry room.

Toddlers are weird.


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