Updates galore

Since my last post promised an update on the toddler protein powder, I should start there:


Well, I don’t know if it sucks.  I refuse to try it.  It creates what looks like dirt water and E hates it.  We tried giving it to her straight, mixing it with almond milk, sneaking a small amount into her formula bottles–she can detect this stuff from a mile away.  She’s not having it.  So we’re on to plan B.  I’m still working out “plan B” in my head and doing lots of really odd Google searches, but baby steps amiright?

On the bright side, we’re making some great progress with alternative milk cooking methods.  Oat milk has become a staple in our pantry.  I’m going to do a bit more with rice milk this week and I’m actually excited about it!


On the peanut allergy side of things, I’ve noticed my anxiety is much higher these days.  E’s day care called me last week to ask if they could give her some Tylenol for her molars coming in; but when their phone number flashed on my caller ID, my heart started beating so fast because the first thing I thought was, Oh no, did they have to use her EpiPen?  That same night, I noticed some hives on E’s tummy when I was putting her pajamas on.  She’s an allergy baby all around so it could have been anything; but when I noticed she slept for several hours in the same position without moving (she moves around a LOT in her sleep), I started to worry it had been worse than just a rash when I put her to bed.  Because when you have a kid with severe food allergies, you just never know.  Of course I’d been over-paranoid and E was just fine, but I’m trying not to feel silly about it.  I feel like if I go even one moment without taking it seriously, that’s when something will happen.

fullsizerender-17Allergies aside, E is loving life.  She’s working insanely hard to stand up on her own without holding on to anything; she can pull herself into a squat position on both feet but then she falls to her butt.  She inherited a push walker from a friend of mine and she spends about half of her awake time at home pushing it around the house.  E’s communication skills are getting better every day.  She shakes her head no to things she doesn’t want, she starts to wave and say “bye bye” (pronounced “dye dye”) whenever we start getting our coats and shoes on, and she’s finally started to obey when we say the word “no.”  Lastly, we just survived E getting two molars and two front teeth at the same time–it was a brutal week, but we got through it and there is a night and day difference in her mood.  Even though it was rough, I’m relieved we got four over with at the same time!

For those of you who are interested, I’ve started a “Recipes” page where I will list links to all of the dairy/egg/peanut-free recipes we’ve tried and loved.  So far there are only a few, but my hope is that over time it will grow and grow, and that maybe eventually I can add some of my own to this list.


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