Sick. Like, really sick.

Since E was born, I’ve dealt with a whole spectrum of things that make a person feel unwell:  bladder infection, mastitis, bronchitis, and a good old-fashioned cold or two.  All of these things were uncomfortable but I was still able to function.  I was able to take medicine to mask the symptoms and I was able to still be a half-decent parent.  Oh, and I was able to ask B for a little extra help.

But last week B left for a business trip and almost immediately E came down with the stomach flu.  Which means I came down with the stomach flu.

Holy.  Hell.  No one warned me what it’s like to have the stomach flu AND have to care for a baby.

sickIt’s an interesting situation, to not be able to sit up without throwing up, but to have no choice but to sit up so you can feed your baby and change your baby’s diaper and stop your baby from eating the cat food.  E spent a good portion of the day in her exersaucer while I was in the other room with my head inside the toilet, and I didn’t even care that E spent ten hours in front of the television. By the time evening rolled around, I was bawling to my mother on the phone because how do you properly look after your baby when you can’t even get up to change her diaper?

After one day of pure hell and another that was only slightly better, I’m proud to say that I got through it…somehow.  I can only hope that the next time it happens, because it inevitably will, that B is home and I’m not in it on my own.  He feels awful, though it’s not his fault, and for all we know he might have gotten it too had he been here.

So other mamas, how do you cope when you’re sicker than sick and you still have to look out for your little ones?


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