And we’re off!

Six weeks.  E has been trying desperately to crawl for the past six weeks, and she’s finally figured it out.


It began just before she turned six months old.  She figured out how to turn herself in a circle and she was able to scoot backwards a couple of inches at a time.  This continued for a month and E grew more and more frustrated with her inability to go forward to reach the things she wanted to play with or investigate.

A couple weeks ago, E learned how to get up on her knees and rock on all fours.  We tried everything to help her coordinate her limbs so she could go forward.  We watched YouTube videos on how to help your baby crawl, we did little exercises, and poor E just wasn’t getting it.  She would see her toys a foot in front of her and scream bloody murder because she couldn’t get to them.

A week ago while we were on vacation, E learned how to get into a “downward dog” pose.  She would attempt to walk her feet forward while in this pose and would flop onto her belly instead.  I could see it in her eyes, though–she knew she was getting close, and she was more determined than ever.

Two nights ago, E got into this downward dog pose, pushed herself forward, did it again, and reached a toy that was sitting a foot in front of her on the floor.  I cheered for her but in my head I was thinking it was an isolated incident.  Here we’ve been trying to crawl for so long, it just felt like it was never actually going to happen.

But yesterday morning, she did it again.  And again.  We set toys a few feet in front of her and she got to them by combining her downward dog-style crawl with an army crawl.  She practiced her new skill all day long and although she was sloooowwwww, she kept at it.  Today, she’s been army crawling at triple the speed she was moving at yesterday.  And she is SO proud of herself.

Everyone says it won’t be long now before she’s crawling all over the house.  Oh my, we haven’t baby proofed yet!  We should probably get on that.


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