Catching up

I just logged in and saw it’s been 13 days since my last post.  E is going through such a fun stage right now that I don’t have any idea where the time is going or what I’m doing with it.

E is sitting up now and doing a fairly good job overall, but if she happens to topple over there’s a 99% chance she won’t attempt to catch herself.  There have been a few  (okay, a lot of) tears over her head bonking into the floor, so we still have to sit right by her and prepare for the inevitable loss of balance so we can catch her.  We’ve started to do sitting practice on my bed so I can let her fall over into the soft mattress.

We’re still working on crawling.  E can scoot backwards and eventually make it from one end of the room to the other, but she’s also been rocking on her hands and knees this past week.  She’ll rock for so long she tires out and face plants into the floor, and then she screams because she can’t move herself forward.  We’ve tried encouraging her with her favorite “toys” (translation: bottles of Powerade) and I’ve been putting my hands behind her feet so she has something to push off from.

I should also mention she refuses to go to sleep until she’s backwards-scooted herself into the back corner of her crib and we go “rescue” her and return her to her usual spot.  [Insert eye roll.]

Sleep is still…meh, let’s not talk about sleep.  [Sips from a gallon-sized jug of coffee.]

The most exciting news of all for this post: E has learned how to high five!  I started to teach her yesterday and the little smarty pants caught on in just a couple of minutes.  She spent the whole afternoon and evening giving high fives to me, B, her grandma, and her big brother (stepbrother).  There are no words for this kind of cuteness.

E turns seven months old in four days and all I can say to that is:




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