The last breastmilk

Yesterday E had her last bottle of breastmilk.

It is good for so many reasons.  I made it to my goal of giving E breastmilk until she was six months old.  I was constantly worried that with all of her food allergies, something I ate would cause a reaction.  I was always doubting that I’d read all of my food labels thoroughly enough.  I was losing time with her as I watched her play with B while I was hooked up to a pump.  I was in so much pain from exclusively pumping.

And yet, giving her that last bottle of breastmilk was more emotional for me than I’d anticipated.  I’m not sure why.  I’m blaming it on hormones.  Truly, I know it was the best thing for my family.

Now I get to focus on more time with my baby and less stress about how my own diet might affect her.  THAT is a good feeling.


There’s truth to this!


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