Sitting, screeching, and scooting

No one really prepares you for how much your baby can change in the span of a few days.

We’ve been working on sitting up and E has the tripod sit mastered.  Even as recently as Saturday, as soon as she lifted even one arm she’d topple over face first into the carpet.  Then Sunday rolled around and suddenly she was sitting up, by herself, without using her arms.  She doesn’t last more than a minute but it’s a night and day difference from two days ago.  Insanity, I tell you!

Also on the list of “things E didn’t do last week” is screeching.  She’s learned to screech and she does it for everything.  Hungry?  SCREECH.  Amused?  SCREECH.  Tired?  SCREECH.  Excited? SCREECH. Bored? SCREECH. Seriously, there is so much screeching going on in this house.  Where ma ear plugs at?

E’s still trying to figure out this whole “being mobile” business.  She scoots around the room on her belly but only backwards, and at first it really pissed her off but now she’s just happy to not stay in one place.  She tried all weekend long to get up on her knees, so I’m curious to see how long it is before she’s rocking on her hands and knees.

Development talk aside, E had her second-ever play date over the weekend with a baby who’s six weeks younger than E is.  This baby is E’s polar opposite–standoffish, skeptical of new people and new situations, and overall just not a very relaxed baby–and at the first word I uttered to her (“hi”), she lost her marbles and started screaming.  But E was really excited about her and reached out an arm to try and touch her, and from that point on this other baby was perfectly content as long as she was watching E.  I have a little charmer on my hands!  The play date made me really appreciate what an easygoing baby I have.  We got lucky with this girl, I’m telling you.

Also worth reporting on (because what’s a baby blog without regular poop talk?): constipation.  We’ve been dealing with some over here for the first time, and I’ve never in my life looked so forward to a good, full, poopy diaper.  At least it makes for good text conversations with my mom:



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