Six months?!?!

Baby E is six months old today.


I’ll spare you all the stereotypical “it’s gone by so fast” talk.  Though in all actuality, I’ve had hour-long meetings at work that have felt longer than these past six months.  I’m having a hard time fathoming the fact that so much time has passed already.

So what is my little six month old up to these days?  She:

  • Laughs hysterically at anything and everything, from the dog barking to paper ripping to someone blowing on her face.
  • Is able to scoot herself around the room…backwards only, I might add.
  • Has learned how to pet the cats (“pet” meaning “grab their skin and pull”), and luckily our cats love the attention regardless.


  • Is eating a little bit of solids daily.  So far she’s had bananas, sweet potato, squash, applesauce, carrots, green beans, peaches, peas, and her most favorite of all–avocado.  I’ve also held a grape up to her mouth for her to nibble on with her two sharp little chompers.
  • Sits up on her own “tripod” style for several minutes at a time.  But if we try to sit her up unsupported, she immediately face plants into the floor.
  • Has taken a sudden interest in water bottles.  Whether it’s my Camelbak, a Powerade bottle, or a soda bottle, she likes to hold on to them and try to drink from them.  I’m tempted to try a sippy cup with her but also a little afraid.
  • FINALLY loves the ergo carrier!  [Insert happy dance here.]  Once we started facing her outward, she decided it wasn’t so bad after all!
  • Has become a terribly distracted eater.  Even on the emptiest of stomachs, she’ll take three times as long to drink a bottle because she wants to babble at you and look around the room.
  • Is trying out new consonants in her babbling.  They mostly come out sounding like fart noises, but she’s making a good effort.
  • HATES being on her back.  Now that she can move around a little on her tummy, and somewhat sit up and look around the room, she refuses to stay on her back for longer than a few seconds.
  • Still isn’t a very good sleeper.  I’m not giving up hope.

Tonight we took E to B’s company picnic and we sat with a couple and their daughter who is two weeks shy of her first birthday.  I told B I can’t even imagine E being that size, and walking around, and saying real words, and he simply said, “But she will be…and it will be sooner than you think.”

Holyshitholyshitholyshit time speeds up when you have a baby!


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