In other news… (a non-sleep related post)

I’ve posted a lot about our all-consuming sleep problems lately, so today I’m taking a break.  E turned five months old this last week, and her whole world changes a little bit each and every day.  Here’s what she’s been up to lately:

  • She transitioned into size 2 diapers.
  • She’s started wearing her six-month clothing.
  • (Girl, you’re growing up WAY. TOO. FAST.)
  • She’s eaten carrots (her favorite food so far) and has had a taste of a green apple.  She liked the apple but it made her face pucker up.
  • She’s figured out she can turn herself around in her sleep, so she ends up sideways and upside down all night long.  (Yeah yeah, I said no sleep talk…so sue me.)
  • She’s learning how to make her toys “work”–so when she pushes this button, it makes a sound, or when she pulls on this plastic ring, it plays a song.
  • She’s starting to push up on her forearms while she’s on her belly.  B thinks she’ll be crawling by the time she’s six months old.  (See bullet #3.)
  • She still hates her ergo and soft-shell carriers.  I managed to walk her around the corner to the mailbox recently, and almost celebrated when we got back tear-free…but then she began to scream.
  • She’s obsessed with our dog, a boxer-border collie mix named Samantha.  Whenever Samantha comes around, E dances excitedly and reaches out to touch the dog.
  • She LOVES books and story time, and she’s learned how to turn the pages.  When there’s too much text on the page, she gets impatient with my reading and turns to the next page to see the pictures.
  • She has learned how to cause mommy and daddy pain, and thinks it’s hilarious when she does.  It comes in the form of tugging on hair (even B’s, which is short) and grabbing a handful of our skin, particularly on our necks.

Most of these things have started just in the past week.  Baby girl changes so much every day, it’s amazing and fascinating and emotional all at the same time!


E’s new buddy, Samantha.


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