My daughter is a tease

Five months old, and already a little tease.

Saturday morning, B and I were floored because E had slept until 4:30 before waking.  This was record-breaking for my little non-sleeper.  The difference had been that she’d slept on her tummy for the first time.  When she woke, she was upside down–her head was where her feet had been when the night began–but it was her best night’s sleep to date and she was in a phenomenally good mood on Saturday.

I just knew it was a fluke.  There was no way this would ever happen again.

But Saturday night, E slept all the way through until 5:00 on Sunday morning.  This time, she slept through while on her back.  What the what?  I did a happy little jig and thought, This is it!  She’s finally going to start sleeping through the night!

Alas, it all fell apart on Sunday night.  I tried to blame the fireworks.  (Seriously, has the fourth of July become a week-long celebration?)  Sunday night was awful, and Monday was (understandably) worse.  I kept holding out hope, though, that once the night wasn’t filled with booms and crackles, E would pick up where she’d left off on Saturday night.

No such luck.  In fact, I think the little stinker is making up for the two good nights by having a series of really, REALLY bad nights.

Last night her mouth was like Niagara Falls (SO. MUCH. DROOL.) so I’m kind of clinging to the hope that maybe she’s cutting another tooth and that this will only last a few days.

Or maybe we should just buy these and embrace the ugly truth that this is a chronic sleepless household.




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