For the past few days, E has been drooling nonstop, enough to soak her onesies.  She’s been spitting up multiple times a day when it’s usually few and far between.  She’s had a big, red, circular rash around her mouth.  She’s struggled to eat more than two ounces at a time rather than her usual five.  She’s been extra fussy and, as I mentioned in my last post, not sleeping well.

These are all classic teething signs, but I’ve cried wolf on the teething issue at least four times since E was two months old.  It got to the point that I would say the words “I think she’s–” and B would cut me off with, “Hope, she’s not teething.”  Even though the thought flickered through my mind over the weekend, I didn’t dare say it.  I’d even convinced myself it couldn’t be happening, because I’ve been wrong oh so many times.

Then yesterday came and we couldn’t get the poor girl to eat.  At all.  She was starving and got excited at the sight of the bottle, but as soon as the nipple went into her mouth, she pushed it away and began to cry.  She wouldn’t even be bothered to open her mouth at my boob, which is her preferred method of eating. E got so hungry she was inconsolable, so B got on the floor with some toys and tried to distract her.  She pulled one of the plastic toys into her mouth and began to chomp down on it–not just suck on it or bite randomly here and there like she usually does, but she was going to town on that little ring of plastic leaves.

B got up and handed E to me and I immediately ran my finger along her bottom gums.  Dead center in the front, the sharp top of a little tooth jabbed me in the finger.


I cried out to B, who had moved into the bedroom.  “She’s teething!  For real this time, she’s teething!  I can feel a tooth!”  I tried to SEE the tooth but the little stinker kept pushing her tongue over it.  I ran my finger along the gums again to prove I wasn’t crazy.  Yep, there was definitely a tooth.  B came back in the room and confirmed he also felt it.  I spent five minutes fighting with E’s tongue but I finally got a little glimpse of the teeny tiny tooth pushing its way up through her gums.


We made an emergency visit to the store to buy some teething gel.  Did I mention that teething SUCKS?  I honestly didn’t know E was capable of screaming so loudly and for so long.


I was horribly disappointed in the gel; it didn’t help worth [insert preferred “poop” term here].  We gave E some Tylenol, which also helped very little.  Thanks to friends’ replies to my overly dramatic status update on Facebook, I made another emergency trip to Walgreens and bought some Hyland’s teething tablets.  Seriously, mamas with teething babies:  these are a MUST.

While I was running E’s bath at bedtime, B was holding her and letting her suck on his finger.  At one point he cried out in pain–yep, there’s a tooth in there and she sure knows how to bite with it.

I have no idea how long E will be this miserable before that tooth finally busts all the way through.  But at least now I know what teething really looks like, and I know what’s causing all of the poor girl’s problems the past few days.

And just think: we only get to do this 19 more times.  For the baby teeth.

Lord help us.


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