Transition to the crib: Night 1

It’s happened.  My baby is too big for her bassinet.  Every tiny movement she makes results in her hitting some extremity on the sides of the bassinet and it’s clear she’s growing more and more uncomfortable.  Now that E has been consistently napping in her crib for a few weeks, B and I decided it was time to move her to the crib at night.

Since she’s such a good napper in her crib during the day, I figured the transition at night wouldn’t be too bad.

This is me, this morning, reacting to the fact that I thought it would be that easy:


It actually was kind of easy at first.  E fell asleep within ten minutes of lying down, and for the first time ever, she was able to roll on to her side to sleep and she was OUT.  By the time I went to bed, she was still deep asleep and I was thinking, “This is going to be great!  I bet she sleeps the whole night through!”

Fast forward an hour later.  She woke up the first of almost a dozen times, only a couple of which were due to hunger.  The rest of her waking was because she’d spit out her pacifier or couldn’t settle for some random reason unknown to the adults who don’t speak baby. B, who somehow sleeps through 99% of E’s crying in the night, got up with her once after I shoved him awake.  By the time I got out of bed for the day, I was no better than the walking dead and am typing this as I drink extra coffee.

B seems to think this is simply an adjustment and that it’ll get better.  As the pessimist of the family, I’m in panic mode imagining this is still how it will be a month from now and, hell, even three months from now.  Someone please tell me it gets better!


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