Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

E has been working on rolling from back to tummy for over a week.  She’s been able to get herself all the way on to her tummy, but her left arm gets pinned underneath her and she’ll scream bloody murder until you move it for her or roll her back onto her back.

Well, two nights ago she finally rolled herself all the way over, arm included.  From there, she desperately tried to scoot herself forward, but she only wiggled a few inches forward on the blanket.


Yesterday I was home sick with the stomach flu, and B was nice enough to stay home so he could look after me and E.  He laid E down in her crib for her first nap of the day and then realized he’d forgotten her pacifier.  He left E in her crib for half a minute while he came out to the living room to grab it, and when he got back to her bedroom, she was on her tummy, trying to crawl in her crib.

This is how the entire day went.  Every time we laid that girl down, she instantly flipped onto her tummy and attempted to crawl.  She even tries to roll onto her belly while she’s in her bouncy seat (now I understand why we have the ability to strap her into that thing, omg).

B says he’s pretty sure she’ll be crawling SOON, so now I’m in panic mode because we haven’t done one single thing to childproof the house.  Guess what’s on our to-do list for this next week?


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