Wonder Week 19

Up until now, I haven’t really bought into the whole “wonder week” thing–the idea that younger babies go through periods of fussiness that correspond to their development. E does go through fussy periods, but I’ve compared them to the wonder weeks only to find she really should have been going through a calmer, happier period at that time…or vice versa. Every so often she kind of sort of seemed to match where she was at in the wonder weeks; but for the most part, I’ve kind of shrugged them off as another one of those fad parent things designed to make money.

Then this week happened.

E just turned 19 weeks old.  In less than a week, she’s started rolling from her back to her tummy, she’s started scooting herself forward while lying on her belly, and she’s finally figured out how to grab her toes, so her feet are constantly in her hands.  She’s started to pick up her toys without us having to hand them to her.  She tries desperately to get toys that aren’t within reach, and gets frustrated when she can’t get to them.

And all of this has created a storm.  She’s cranky during the day, she babbles and laughs less than she usually does, and she’s sleeping like utter crap at night.  By “sleeping like utter crap,” I mean having inconsolable meltdowns in the middle of what appeared to be a deep, peaceful sleep.


I figured the sleep was due to how overwhelming all of these new developments must be for E.  I’m sure her little brain just can’t shut off, and I’m sure she’s mentally exhausted from all the things she’s learned how to do in less than seven days’ time.  Out of curiosity, I read up on wonder week 19–and wouldn’t you know it, it’s considered “mental leap 4” and describes E to a freaking T.  Around week 19, babies start to try crawling (but not succeeding), try to push off with their legs while on their bellies, try to grab objects out of reach, scream when they fail at accomplishing something they want to do, moving their whole bodies while on the floor, and (in a nutshell) losing their freaking minds as a result of it all.

So maybe I’m not sold on the wonder weeks as a bible of baby development, but there’s something to be said for week 19. Now I just have to wait for the storm to pass, and then I’ll probably have to put on my running shoes because this baby is going to be crawling before I know it.


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