Soy trials

We’ve already determined E has a dairy allergy or intolerance (still need to see the allergist  for confirmation of which one it is), so I’ve been dairy-free for two months so I can still breastfeed her.  I’ve also cut out eggs and all nuts from my diet for now, just to be on the safe side, because every so often E still has very green stools.

Parenting is glamorous, let me tell you.

When I first went back to work, I was pumping about 20 ounces of milk a day and E was only drinking about 10 ounces at day care.  The past week or so, she’s started drinking 16 ounces a day (funny that this happened once we started treating her eczema…was she that uncomfortable that she wasn’t eating well?).  Unfortunately, I am now lucky if I’m able to pump 16 ounces a day.  Lately it’s been about 14, and it scares me because I’ve read that a lot of women who go back to work notice that their supply gradually dwindles until they have to stop breastfeeding altogether.

So, it looks like unless I can build my supply back up, we might have to start supplementing.  I have a freezer stash but it’s small, because the one I’d built up earlier on was before I cut out all the dairy.  D’ohh!  (Sob.)

Since E can’t have dairy, we bought some soy formula to try.  Last weekend my mom watched her for a few hours and in that time, she gave her a couple of ounces to hold her over until I could get back and feed her.  The next day, E had a messy, horrible, green explosion in her diaper.  I hadn’t really eaten anything out of the norm in the day leading up to it, but she did have that soy formula.


Now I’m wondering if she’s allergic to soy as well.  If that’s the case, supplementing is going to be a bitch because we’ll have to buy hypoallergenic formula.  In case you’re wondering, it would be cheaper to feed my baby filet mignon for every meal.

Today I’m going to try the soy formula one more time.  If the reaction is the same, I guess it’s out and hypoallergenic formula it is.  I’m nervous about that, but I’m also nervous about causing her potential discomfort in just trying to figure out if soy is really a problem.


Damn you, boobs.


Maybe I’ve got the wrong idea…


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