Trying new things

Now that E has figured out she’s in control of her own hands, she doesn’t hesitate to go after what she wants.  She reaches out to pick up her toys, she tries to hold the bottle when she’s being fed, and lately, she’s learned how to manipulate my hand into doing things for her.

We’ve been giving her infant’s Tylenol when her hemangiomas are really bothering her, and we give her gripe water if her tummy is all bubbly from gas.  After the first little squirt of either from the medicine dropper, she’ll reach out and grab my hand and pull it toward her until the dropper is back in her mouth, and then she’ll stare at me with an expression that says, Well, what are you waiting for?  After each little bit of medicine, she’ll kick her legs excitedly and smile and pull my hand back toward her…and once it’s gone, she frowns.

E turned four months old this week and I’ve been reading about the signs your baby is ready to try solid food.  E can sit well when supported, she holds her head up, and she doesn’t automatically push out whatever you put into her mouth.  Since she’s always chomping at the bit to get that medicine dropper back into her mouth, I decided to try some rice cereal.  At my baby shower, I’d gotten some airplane spoons and it seemed like an eternity before I’d ever have to use them.

When E saw the spoon coming (“flying”) toward her mouth, she opened wide like she knew what was happening.  Once it was in her mouth, she took a small bite of the cereal (uh, had she done this before?), and her face scrunched up like she’d just tasted a lemon.  I thought, Nope, she doesn’t like it, or she’s not ready.  But then she started to kick her legs and she opened her mouth wide, and when I didn’t give her more right away, she looked back and forth between me and the spoon.  Again:  Well, what are you waiting for?  I “flew” the airplane spoon toward her mouth and she opened wide and waited until it was in and she could take another bite.


I gave her only a few small bites because I didn’t know how her tummy would react.  She was fine with the small amount she ate, and the next morning I gave her a little more.  I’m not ready to start her on solids on a regular basis, but for now I’ll give them to her as a treat every so often until it’s time to incorporate them into her daily diet.  I have a VERY ripe banana sitting on my kitchen counter that we’re going to try next since it will be soft and nice and sweet.

Side note: I finally learned the value of bibs.  Now I understand why I received 852 of them at my baby shower.

When did you start your baby on solids?  And what were the first things you gave him/her?


2 thoughts on “Trying new things

  1. We started solids at 4 mos. Avocado, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes were my baby’s favorites. Totally got the bib thing when we started solids! Check out my blog posts on introducing solids at!


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