Four months. Or, HOLY CRAP.

Tomorrow my baby turns four months old.  They say it goes by so fast, but I say that’s a bloody understatement.  I already feel like I can’t remember E as a newborn.  I watch videos I recorded at a week old, two weeks old, a month old, and it’s hard to believe I’m watching the same baby.  In the blink of an eye, she’s morphed from a sleepy, quiet, eyes-closed-75-percent-of-the-time baby into a giggly, wiggly chatterbox who can’t seem to take in enough of the world no matter how hard she tries.

emily four months

In the past month, E:

  • Rolled over from belly to back for the first time, and now does it regularly.
  • Learned how to grab and hold on to things, including her toys, mom’s jewelry, mom’s hair, and daddy’s chest hair (B isn’t too fond of that one).
  • Has decided there’s nothing better in the world to suck on than her own hands (they are always in her mouth).
  • Got her first cold, and it was AWFUL.  (Awful for me.  Little miss resilient was much less bothered by it than mom was.)
  • Started napping in her crib.
  • Has taken to laughing at all kinds of things; she particularly loves when mom and dad make goofy noises, when daddy does a Mr. T impression, or when mom chants the word “boo” over and over.
  • Has started becoming interested in tastes other than breastmilk.  When I give her infant’s Tylenol or gripe water, she reaches out, grabs my hand, and pulls the syringe into her own mouth and waits impatiently for me to squeeze in the liquid.
  • Has become a distracted eater because she’d rather watch everything that’s going on around her.
  • Has become incredibly fond of the dopey dog that’s always poking her nose in E’s face.
  • Is getting very steady when sitting in the Bumbo seat; she’ll even play with her toys now while she’s sitting in it.
  • Started to have “conversations” with people.  She’ll coo, stop, wait for you to respond, coo again, stop, wait for you to respond…and repeat, repeat, repeat.  These conversations can go on for 10-15 minutes at a time.
  • Has been trying desperately to reach her own feet.  She can’t quite get to them yet, but she watches them like a hawk.  They’re one of her favorite forms of entertainment.
  • Can now see all the way across the room.  When I show up at day care, she sees me from the other side of the room and flashes a huge smile and starts kicking excitedly.

I get really giddy when I think about how many more things E will be able to do in just another few short weeks.  Everyone warns you that babies and kids grow up too fast, but no one gives you a heads up just how much they change in even a week’s time!


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