Sudden crib napper

We’ve been trying for about six weeks to make E comfortable with napping in her crib. She’s still in the bassinet in our bedroom and I wondered if the transition at night would be easier if she was okay with sleeping in the crib during the day.

Despite our best efforts, we’ve been lucky to get one 20-minute nap in the crib every weekend.  It’s like E gives us one nap just to say, “There, I did it, are you happy?” The rest of the time, it’s been a nap in our arms or no nap at all.


Yesterday E woke up a little earlier than we do even on the weekdays (pity me, please). She’d been awake for only half an hour when she started to fuss and rub her eyes.  At the time, we were in her bedroom playing on the floor.  I laid her down in the crib and she fell asleep instantly.  I also did something that we always do at night, but haven’t been doing during the day: I turned on her white noise machine. At the 20-minute mark, I braced myself for the fussing to commence, but it didn’t come until she’d been asleep for an hour and a half.

E woke and ate and played for another hour or so, and sleepiness set in again.  After her unbelievable first nap of the day, I figured she’d rebel and wouldn’t be sleeping in her crib again until July.  By then, B was awake and he suggested we at least give it a shot–with the white noise machine, of course.  E slept for almost an hour in the crib!

By the time we put E down for bed last night, she had taken all of her naps in her crib for a grand total of FOUR HOURS.  I figured it had to be a fluke.  There was no way it was happening again today.

But guess what?  She’s on her fourth nap of the day in her freaking crib.

When we first tried napping in the crib six weeks ago, we were using the white noise machine without much success. But now it seems to be pure magic.  That little machine has turned out to be the best twenty bucks I’ve ever spent.

On a side note, I have no idea what to do with so much free time now.


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