Things that go “wahhhh” in the night

  1. My baby.
  2. My baby again.
  3. My baby AGAIN.
  4. My baby yet aga–yeah, you get the picture.

After my post last week about E’s terrible sleep, things haven’t improved.  Actually, they’ve gotten worse.  She’s taken to waking every half an hour, which is just in time for me to be drifting back to sleep since the last wakeup.  Meanwhile, B is lying next to me and somehow sleeping through all of it.

The sudden sleeplessness is still a mystery.  We did notice late last week that the big strawberry hemangioma on the back of her head was covered in blood.  Since then, it’s been oozing and sticky to the touch.  It was a revelation to me, because I’d thought those blood stains on her bassinet sheet were from the scratches on her head–nope!  They’re from that damn hemangioma.  It’s about the size of a fifty cent piece, situated on her head right right where she lays on it.  Dr. Google tells me it might be ulcerated, which can be extremely painful and cause trouble sleeping (ding ding ding!). Sounds like a call to the doctor is in order.

Despite the sleepless nights, E was in great spirits over the weekend.  We had a birthday dinner at her grandma’s house on Saturday and she blew everyone away with how talkative she is.  Even the teachers at day care find it odd that she babbles as much as she does for her age–and they’ve cared for a LOT of babies.  E is definitely a chatterbox and I just love it.  When I wake her up this morning, despite getting only a couple of hours of broken sleep, I’m going to melt when she starts talking.

Baby coos:  Nature’s Xanax.

Wishing you all a swell Monday, and hoping you need less coffee than I do.


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