Going bald

I’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled baby posts to talk about something I didn’t anticipate dealing with as a new mom:  postpartum hair loss.

My entire first trimester, my mom tried to warn me that while I was pregnant, my hair would go to shit.  She said she had the worst hair of her life while she was pregnant, so I kept expecting my already-terrible hair would get worse.  But it didn’t.  I had the best hair of my life while I was pregnant.  It made up for the cystic acne and the bloating and swelling and everything else that makes you feel hideous during pregnancy.

When E was about 11 weeks old, I noticed a LOT of hair was falling out after I showered every day.  By the time E was three months old, it had started to come out in clumps.  CLUMPS, people.

hairlossI did some reading and apparently this is normal.  Three to six months postpartum, many women start to lose their hair in clumps, and it will continue for another three to six months.  Supposedly, it’s not going to cause me to go bald.  I’m simply shedding all of the hair I didn’t shed while I was pregnant.  I’m beginning to doubt this “fact,” but who am I to argue with the experts?  (I argue with the experts all the time, for the record.)

So far, I have clogged two bathroom sinks with my excess hair loss.  I cringe every time I get ready for work in the morning because I know I’ll have to clean up ten pounds of hair when I’m finished.  I’ve told my husband, in all seriousness, that I want to shave it all off and go wig shopping.

My plans for the weekend include chopping several inches of my hair off, even though I’ve sworn for months I was going to grow my hair long again.  The moral of the story?  If you think pregnancy takes a toll on your looks, just wait.  The fun has only just begun.

Anyone else struggling with postpartum hair loss?  Any tips or advice for this possibly balding mama?


2 thoughts on “Going bald

  1. Right there with you!! My hair was gorgeous during pregnancy. I have always kept it long but it now will touch my belt if totally straight. Normally I don’t keep it this long, but having a new baby never left me time to go get a haircut. The worst part is, though, it’s not good looking straight hair. It’s stringy and like you, I am losing it and mass quantities. You can see by my temples where I am losing the most. I have legitimate bald spots. I won’t be wearing any updos anytime soon. I am also thinking about cutting my hair. I swore I would not be “that mom” and cut all my hair off just because I had a baby. So I don’t plan on going up past my bra line, but I’m going to have to at least cut anywhere from six to eight inches off. My poor hair 😦

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  2. Exactly, my hair is a decent length right now but it looks scraggly and overall disgusting! I hear you on not having time to get it cut. I’ve finally reached the point of desperation where it WILL happen no matter what strings I have to pull to have it done.


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