If it fits in the mouth

I’ve mentioned recently that E has started chewing on her toys.  She’s been gnawing on her hands ever since she discovered them around two months old.  Lately she’s also taught herself how to shove the neck of whatever clothing she’s wearing up into her mouth, so she chews on that too.  I’ve known the days of chewing on anything and everything have been looming, but I thought I still had some time.

Yesterday E was still under the weather, so B stayed home with her while I went to work.  In the morning she was miserable but by early afternoon, she’d turned a corner and B began sending me cute little pictures and videos of our usual happy, chatty baby.

One of the photos he sent was this:


The text that came with it told me E had pulled her own sock off and had been chewing on it.

E has spent several weeks now studying her feet intently.  Whenever she’s in a seated or a reclined position, she could spend an hour fascinated by her own wiggling feet.  B and I guessed it wouldn’t be long before she realized she could reach out and touch them.  What I didn’t expect was for her to take the opportunity to find out what her socks taste like.

And so it goes.  I really do need to expect that anything E can get her hands on now is fair game for a taste test.  It’s the introductory step to baby-proofing the house (eeeek), and it’s making me understand how rapidly she’s growing and developing.  Yesterday morning she couldn’t even touch her own feet, and now she’s eating her socks.

Now if I could just teach her how to put her socks back on, I’d be thrilled!


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