Miss Crankypants the Drool Queen, and Mother’s Day Musings

Last night my mom was kind enough to babysit E so B and I could go out for his birthday.  It was our third attempt at a successful date night and thank God the third time was a charm.  The first time was when E was a month old, and the night we went out, I found out my dad had MRSA and was not likely to survive it.  (He didn’t. 😦 )  The second time was a month later and my mom and E got in a car wreck on the way to grandma’s house.  Luckily, last night was uneventful and B and I were able to relax and have a good time.

E was up two hours later than when we’ve typically been putting her to bed, but she only slept in half an hour later than usual.  So today we dubbed her Miss Crankypants.  In her three months out of the womb, I’ve never seen her so cranky!  I’m sure it was a combination of the eventful week and the late night, but man…poor girl had a rough day.

I’m still struggling with the big change in E’s schedule since she started day care.  A few weeks ago, “bedtime” was 8:30 or 9 p.m., and we’d sleep until 8 a.m. and she was always well-rested.  Now, she’s so exhausted after day care that she’s ready for bed by 6:30, which means I get very little time with her during the week.  It’s heart-wrenching at times, and I so selfishly want to keep her up later but I know it’s not fair to her and certainly not healthy.

Sigh.  What’s a mom to do?

Meanwhile, B and I are trying to determine if E might already be teething.  She’s been drooling buckets the past couple of days, so much that she is constantly coughing because she’s choking on her spit.  She’s also been eating less.  Today she tried to chew on one of her toys that didn’t quite fit into her mouth, and she began wailing when she realized she wasn’t going to be able to bite down on it.  It’s so early for her to be teething so I’m not quite convinced, but it’s a strange coincidence of “symptoms” if she isn’t.


Tomorrow is my first Mother’s Day as a mother myself and it feels odd to be celebrating it for a different reason than I have for the past 30 years.  There’s no way to describe how much your life changes when you become a mother.  For most of us, it doesn’t change in a bad way.  Certain things become more challenging and you’re no longer your priority in your own life.  But I don’t bat an eye at any of it.  E is my life now, and everything I do, I do for her.  I’ve never been able to say that before about another human being.  Being a mother is that powerful.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there.  I hope you all get to sleep in, eat good food, and enjoy your babies, no matter how big or small they are.


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