Thumbprints and tears

It’s been an emotional week, what with my returning to work and E starting day care.  All week long my focus has been the weekend.  Once the weekend arrives, I get two full days with my baby girl–and as an added bonus, it’s my first Mother’s Day as a mom!

When I picked E up from day care today, one of the teachers handed me a white lunch sack with “Happy Mother’s Day ❤ Emily” written on the front in black Sharpie.  Apparently this week they made gifts for all of the moms–even the babies.  Inside was a sweet little poem typed up on a rectangle of cardstock:

IMG_2717 (1)

With the poem was a pink clay heart where they’d pressed E’s thumb to make a little thumbprint.

Right there in the infant room at the day care, I started to cry.

After such a rough week, it was this sweet little gesture that finally gave me some happy tears.

Sure, I have less time with E now than I have for the past 13 weeks.  Sure, it sucks that someone else gets to play with her all day long while I drag myself to a job I don’t even like.  But this Mother’s Day gift numbed the sting a little bit.

There’s one more day until the weekend is here.  One more day until E is all mine again for two whole days.  I’m going to take her thumbprint heart to work tomorrow and keep it at my desk–she’ll be close to me even when she’s not.



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