Working mom staying strong

E is on her third day of day care and baby girl is definitely taking it better than her mama is. The teachers all adore her and say she has a great time.  She was in a bouncy seat when I picked her up yesterday; bouncy seats are E’s happy place, guaranteed to put her in a good mood even in the worst of crying fits.  I wish someone would send me to my happy place!  I’m still learning how to cope with being away from her all day long.  I’m not sure why I haven’t started playing the lottery yet.  Every time one of my coworkers asks, “So how does it feel to be back?” I consider slapping them.

When I picked her up yesterday, K (the main infant teacher) informed me that one of the little boys in the facility went home with pneumonia. And it starts, having to worry about my baby getting sick!

E’s head control has improved a lot over the past several days! She’s a little more steady when she’s upright and she’s become fond of picking her head up while lying down so she can try and see her feet.  She’s obsessed with her feet!  The best part is that the other night she actually rolled over.  It amazes me how one day she’s struggling and the next she’s got superbaby strength.  I haven’t been able to get her to roll over since, but she comes really close.  She still thinks tummy time is for the birds, but I think she’ll have a change of heart when she realizes she can consistently flip herself over.  Then whenever I put her on her tummy, she can say “screw you, mom,” and roll on to her back and avoid tummy time altogether.


The husband thinks this is wishful thinking.

This week E also started to pick up her toys. She’s been batting at them for about a month, but grasping them and holding on has been a challenge.  Now that she’s figured out she can hold them, she’s also discovered that she can chew on them.  Oh boy.  The other day she was holding a ball and started to gnaw away at it, and B laughed and said, “She’s trying to get milk because it’s the same shape as your boob!”


[Insert eye roll.] Men, sheesh.

I’m so glad we’re halfway through the week. I’m really looking forward to a break from this going-to-work-and-leaving-my-baby-with-someone-else thing!


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